Local Buzz

Local Buzz

Are you looking to generate local buzz for your business, and be top of mind in your local market? We are one of the few marketing agencies that provide local buzz for our clients.

What is Local Buzz?

Local Buzz, is the optimization of your online presence in local listings, maps, and reviews in search engines and major sites such as Foursquare, and Google/Facebook places. Local Buzz aims to make your business much more present and searchable on all of the major local sites.
Why do you need it?

Get Your Share of the Local Market

If you are asking yourself why would I need this for my business, the answer is quite simple. Over the last few years local search has grown by 144%, and is growing more every day. Local listings on all of the major sites, are being used every day by customers searching for products and services locally. Big name companies tend to target the customers through those same local listings. Local Buzz capitalizes on local listings with reviews, check-ins, and promotions. Which will all increase your visibility and provide you with satisfying results for your local business. If you are looking for something to grow your local business, Local Buzz is the right marketing package for you.

The Future is Local

New mobile technology has changed local search forever. Buyers are tending to search on the go for something they need. This is an opportunity for your business, with local buzz you will be visible on all major local search lists, if they are searching for something related to your expertise. With the constant advancement of technology local buzz, is yet to meet its full potential. Marketing agencies worldwide are destined to start using it, since it is considered to be the future of marketing.

What We Do? – Local Buzz Services

Once you sign on to become a client, we will research your business on the web, and see your ratings are online. After that, we would start to post promotions, check-ins, positive reviews and ads, on all major local search engines and sites, so when people search for something related to you, your business would be the first to pop-up. We will also create, verify and setup your accounts on major social-websites which also tend to use local listings, like Facebook. When your accounts are ready to go, we will publicize your business through them. In order to achieve good ratings on local searches and listings, we will provide your business with local check-ins, promotions via major sites, and web-platforms. By doing so this, it will generate more local chatter about your business online, and will provide you with even more check-ins, reviews, etc. Which will strengthen your online credibility.

With Local Buzz, you will be able to grow your business with all of the perks of online marketing. With a consistent presence on the web, your profit could easily double in just the next few months. Plus with Local Buzz, you will be able to post promotions and social events, way faster and for a much bigger audience then you could before.

Image Creation, Optimization, and Publication
Custom Citation Building
Review Publication and Promotion Creation
Promotion and Event Social Updates
And much, much more!!!

Generate buzz locally to boom your sales! Get a Local Buzz consultation now!