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What is one of the most effective ways to keep first time website visitors hooked onto your site longer? Having an attractive, dynamic and easy to navigate website. Studies show that as a website owner, you have less that 10 seconds to convince a site visitor that your website has what they are looking for. If this isn’t achieved within such little time, the site visitor is likely to move onto the next site until they eventually find one that meets their needs. Therefore, getting site visitors to stay longer on your site demands you pay close attention to your site design and content.
Responsive Design
Today, people are accessing the internet through different devices including smartphones. Website accessibility through different devices is an important part of modern website design. We specialize in responsive website design built on the popular WordPress platform. Based on your site specifications, you will get a website that’s easily accessible through different devices, looks great and loads fast.
Why Responsive Web Design?
In April 2015, Google introduced a new algorithm that includes mobile friendliness as a ranking factor. Websites which are responsive therefore get ranked higher than non responsive website which have more or less similar content. In addition, studies show that over 70% of online buyers use their smartphones to research and purchase products. Also, the number of internet enabled mobile devices surpasses those who use desktops. These two factors paint a clear picture about the huge but largely untapped market that will be easily accessible through responsive websites. Expand your market by getting a responsive website now!
Why We Prefer WordPress
WordPress is the most popular content management system available today. It’s very easy to use and highly customizable. We also like the fact that WordPress sites are SEO friendly making them easier to rank by search engines. WordPress is regularly updated making it very secure. In addition, you can always be sure that your WordPress site remains up to date even with the high speed changes that occur on the internet every day.
What We Offer

WordPress Theme-based Web Design
WordPress Custom Web Design
WordPress Mobile-Responsive Theme-based Web Design
WordPress Mobile-Responsive Custom Web DesignInstallation, Configuration and Customization– We will install and configure the latest version of WordPress on the web server as well as generate your File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and CMS access. Based on our consultation with you, we make sure that an appropriate WordPress layout and design is chosen conforming to the intended purpose and function of your website.

Graphic Design and Mockup – Following content and design analysis, we will provide web design mockups (for custom websites) and source relevant images and strategically embed these on your website. We make sure these images are visually engaging and will complement the overall aesthetics as well as the written content.Other services like Contact Form Setup, Email Installation and Configuration, Website Backup, Migration, and Installation are also included.

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