Website Audit

Why Do You Need A Website Audit?

Imagine this, you go on Google, and you run a search for your business. You come up at page one, and you are not surprised. After all, you feel that you deserve to be at the top, and you figure out that Google should know as much. You are smug in the knowledge that you are where you need to be, where everyone can find you, and you are buzzing. The following day, you come up to Google again. You are not worried because you have always thought you own a fixed address at Google, with all expenses paid. You run a search, and horror of horrors, you are at page 14 and plummeting down a bottomless crevasse. You slump into your seat, defeated and deflated. And you ask yourself over and over, ‘what have I done to deserve this?’ ‘Whose goat did I steal?’

The above situation hits many people in business, leaving them squinting to see what went wrong. This is precisely why you need to carry out website audits from time to time.

Understanding Website Audits

Web audits present an opportunity for you to understand what is going on beneath the surface when it comes to the technical and functional aspects of your website. As in-depth analyses, audits give you insight into what is happening to your inbound links as well as content. This includes comprehensive target keyword analysis, web design and web structure analysis, duplicate content analysis, page and link errors, title and metadata description issues, URL architecting, backlink analysis and then some.

We highly encourage you to have an audit of your website performed before you enlist in SEO services. Your website’s behavior is unique, and it is important for us to see an audit because it helps us tailor your SEO according to your specific needs.

The Need For Website Audit Reports

Everything you do when it comes to online marketing revolves around your website. Whether you are carrying out SEO, Social Media Optimization or PPC, the motive is always to grow traffic to your website. A defective website will not advance this cause; it will simply kick you down the stairs at an astonishing pace and leave you wincing at the bottom.

When Google implements algorithmic updates, the expectation is that site owners run analyses to adapt. On average, the search behemoth will churn out over 500 updates every year, leaving defective websites and torpedoing rankings in its wake. This makes checks even more important for any website owner.

Apart from helping your SEO efforts, auditing will ‘save’ you from Google, which is constantly tinkering with its search protocols in a bid to enhance searches for users, who always portray ever changing information-seeking behavior. Penguin and Panda are the two biggest algorithms at Google. Since 2011, the engine has tweaked Panda a whopping 25 times, with Penguin updating 3 times since 2012. Incredibly, these changes have had an effect on 41.4% of all search queries entered over that stretch of time. The only way for you to stay ahead of the pack is by performing website audits on your site.

Contact us now to safeguard your website against a drop in rankings with a professional review and analysis of your website.